Some of these artists are going REALY crazy with these fan mega evolution designs.






Presenting : White people damaging their hair by forcing it to do something it’s not meant to in an effort to seem earthy.

this shit is nasty

Omg! That last one is kinda fresh! I call it the Meatloaf

Seriously white people? Give it the fuck up. You don’t have the hair texture for that. Accept it.

Somebody told me that if I deleted this post I’d stop getting notes on it (it was blowing up my phone) and that *kinda* worked. I would like to take a moment and point out that I had a shit ton of people hounding my inbox and the comments saying they had dreads that look like this and they weren’t gross or that if they don’t shower this is what their hair does naturally

  1. The dreads in this picture are hella nasty. One is full of mold. That’s the point. These are NOT what dreads are supposed to look like.
  2. Hair that isn’t afro textured never ever looks like real dreads (i.e. they don’t look the same at all) If you had to backcomb, they probably aren’t real dreads.
  3. You are exploiting your white privilege if you can still go to school and work with your dreads in, because black people consistently have their natural hair deemed ‘unprofessional’ and used as a means to prevent them from getting hired and to fire them from jobs and have them expelled from school.
  4. They won’t do their own research. No, the Celts did not have dreads, no dreadlocks are not found everywhere
  5. White people calling themselves Rastafarian. Are you kidding. ‘Rasta’ and ‘Rastafarian’ are not terms meaning ‘Bob Marley Fan Club’ or ‘I like weed’. Rastafarians are AGAINST white supremacy.
  6. BUT BLACK PEOPLE STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR/ WEAR WHITE HAIR. One, black people don’t wear ‘white hair’. I’m not lying to you, walk into a hair story.You will find Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian but never European hair because it’s not as great as you think it is. Two, the fact that people with kinky hair straighten it with relaxer or flat irons ect is because black people are taught that their natural hair is ‘not good hair’ and because their natural hair is sometimes deemed as unprofessional. Do you like movies? Chris Rock made one about it called ‘Good hair’. Also, this.
  7. Your Dreadlocks are cultural appropriation. They also look nasty.

x o x o fuck you

I do not consider white people with dreadlocks to be cultural appropriation because dreadlocks can happen naturally without intention. I know there are cultures that have spiritual practices involving dreadlocks, but that doesn’t mean that they get to “claim” a natural hair occurrence as theirs.

I’ve seen beautiful dreads on white people as well.

That said, all those pictured in this set are fucking nasty.

Let’s be real for a sec: Blackfish was a documentary meant to spark questions about how we see zoos and marine parks. I didn’t see it as an attack on specifically any one particular park. It more gave us parameters to be critical of all places in how they treat animals.

This movie is a lot right now. They were like tonsil deep. It wasn’t like porny though.



Reminder that Hawlucha’s french name is BRUTALIBRE


Interior. Leather Bar. is pretty gnarly. Haha. I don’t regret this at all.


Meg snapped me driving home from Easter at my parents house

dang i forgot you was that pretty.


Meg snapped me driving home from Easter at my parents house

dang i forgot you was that pretty.

What was the meanest prank Chris ever played on you? 
Scott: Like I said before, there’s literally a million, but as a little brother I was like ‘that’s amazing.’ We were outside one time, playing outside, no toys, nothing, just imaginary games - and we both had to go to the bathroom. And he said to me, ‘
Well, we don’t wanna go inside (obviously), it takes up too much time, why don’t we just.. go right now, like, in our pants.’ And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ And of course he could’ve said anything and I would’ve been like ‘that sounds awesome.’”

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this show is incredible

How is this going to appear on my dash after Taylor and I just see it. Hahah

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The Legend of Zelda, Shadow of The Colossus, Okami, Yoshi, & League of Legends - Sneakers

by BobsMade

Awwe me want