Mass Trickery :D

***LAST TIME ON DRAGONBALL Z: Josh’s evil as Hell Pokemon completely destroyed part of a city and mass fainted most of the native Pokemon in a single sweep. He had to lay low for a while so his Pokemon got a pretty nice vacation before finally reaching the Driftveil Gym Leader, Clay W. Bush.***

After I finally completed the stupendous puzzle of lifts that was Clay W. Bush’s gym, I met the mighty Texan head on.

He led with a Krookodile. I led with Troll in the form of my Skarmory.

“Krookodile! Let’s get tough with Bulk Up!”

“Scraps! Assess the situation!” Troll started to scheme up some tactics with Nasty Plot.

“Get in there!” Krookodile charged in, jaws wide.

“Flamethrower!” Troll widened his beak and released a powerful jet of flames into Krookodile’s face at point blank range, knocking it out entirely.

“What? Seismitoad! Use Hydro Pump!”

Troll used its superior acrobatics and agility to dance around the pressurized blasts of water.

“Dark Pulse!” Troll beat its wings once, launching a wave of dark energy into the Seismitoad.

“Drain Punch!”

“Focus Blast!”

The two attacks clashed and Seimitoad fell in the aftermath. Troll, still in Skarmory form cawed loudly as some kind of taunt. Clay was sweating. His Excadrill rose from the battlefield and looked far more confident than its trainer.

“Ok Scraps…stay sharp.” Before any action would be made, Excadrill rocketed into the air and drilled the ceiling of the underground battlefield, dropping rocks everywhere.  Troll dodged but had to break his illusion to focus on where to move.

“You sneaky bastard!”

“Yeah, Troll likes the mind games. But since the cover is blown, might as well unleash the full assault! Flamethrower!” Troll rapidly moved among the still falling rocks, using its illusions to help it blend with the shadows and debris, all the while releasing jets of searing flames at the drill mole. Excadrill used its heaving claws to knock rocks between it and the fires.

“This guy is pretty smart, Troll. Make it a big one, Flamethrower!” Troll got a clear shot and fired a bigger river of fire toward Excadrill. The mole swung its big arm but it got caught on roots.

“WHAT?!” Clay’s voices was remarkably loud and southern.

“Grass Knot. I am full of tricks.” Troll’s flamethrower collided hard with Excadrill and knocked it out in one shot.

Even that short amount of time underground left my eyes unprepared for the daylight when I reached the surface. I released all my Pokemon from their containment and we took a victory stroll from the town.

“Hey, Shaggy, You down to take on the next gym?” My dragon nodded tried to dance out its excitement. To say we all laughed with him would be a lie. We reached the next route around the late afternoon. It must have been a nerd convention that day…because the entire place was crawling with scientists looking to test their battle theories.

Long story short, all of them went back to the drawing board.

Roster Summary:

Satan (Serperior) – lv 50 Quiet Natured

Shaggy (Gabite) – lv 40 Quirky Natured

Gus (Swampert) – lv 40 Relaxed Natured

Scraps (Skarmory) – lv 40 Impish Natured

Saggecko (Scraggy) – lv 35 Bold Natured

Troll (Zoroak) – lv 47 Naughty Natured