…what a night. I just remember waking up on the footsteps of the gym because there were far too many people walking the streets of Castelia City.

Burgh was just a flamboyant as I had heard but his fatty Crustle was well to Shaggy’s Swords Dance boosted Dual Chop. His Scolipede didn’t stand a chance against a Fire Blast, after Shag busted the flat ground up to trap it in one spot. 

The air was still crisp and warm when Leavanny took the field on Burgh’s side. Gabite was looking rather pleased with his success. In truth, Gus and Satan were wicked tired from the long trip through the woods. And my egg can’t battle yet…though I bet I could kick it hard enough into the would count as a Tackle or something I guess. 

Leavanny was embarassingly fast. Shaggy started to get anxious. It little bug used the uplifted chunks of battlefield as additional cover. 

"Razor Leaf!" Volley after volley of edged leaves stormed my Gabite from all sides. 

"Ah, piss. Uhm. Jump!" Shaggy lept high into the air thanks to its "jet-mode" and dodged the leaves. 

"Scorch the earth!" Shaggy drew in a deep breath and released explosive blast of flame into the ground where he once stood. Weakened by his winning Earthquake, the floor erupted in flames and debris. Leavanny instinctively jumpped into the air to avoid the consuming flames.

"Leavanny! Use Struggle Bug!"

"Belay that crap! DRACO METEOR!" Shaggy’s whole body erupted in a brilliant orange glow. The glow rapidly concentrated into its mouth and it fired a high speed energy ball into Leavanny. When the ball made contact, it shattered in to several smaller blasts that all added to the destructive force. Leavanny slammed hard into the burning ground.

"Hell yeah."

"Well, I can see how you became a Frontier Head. Here you go!" I caught the thrown badge and left without any further words. I walked the city for a few hours before I found a PokeCenter. I had just enough energy left to hand the woman my Pokemon, then I remember waking up the next day.

"Sleep well, champ?"

"Uh…Sorry I used you as a pillow."

"I get it a lot."

"…Macen, you tool! You should have woken me up."

"Haha, it was fine. I was sleeping, too. Duddly had a panic attack so I had to bring him in…again."

"I am amazed that thing is so powerful but such a melvin."

"Wouldn’t have him any other way."

"Me neither. You going to make a challenge?"

"Not yet, I have a few more wins before I face you, man."

"Good, because I’m outie 5000!" And with that I collected my Pokemon and sprinted out of the Center and the city.

After leaving Castelia, I managed to get myself stuck in a desert. While wading through the sand, I found a Scraggy beating the paint off of a trash bin with a few sweet capoeira moves. I grinned and readied Gus for battle.

Roster Summary:

Satan (Servine) lv 34 - Quiet Natured

Shaggy (Gabite) lv 33 - Quirky Natured

Gus (Marshtomp) lv 28 - Relaxed Natured

Egg (?)

Saggecko (Scraggy) lv 16 - Bold Natured

Rainy Day

I had a plan to explore the town before my gym match, but the weather decided to make changes. I headed straight to the museum that hid the gym.

"Welcome to the—-"

"Nah, nah. I need the leader. I am ready for my badge." 

"Straight through to the back." I followed the directions and found myself in some kind of library. I hate books.

"Just read the books for hints to reach the leader."

"Read? Screw that. Gus, time to shine." I released Gus into the room and he squirmed around a bit before scuttling to a corner. He relieved himself on many of the books. One of the shelves shook and slid across the room revealing a stair case. Lenora sprinted full speed toward Gus. I recalled him before she could get too close.

"You ready for this match?" I yelled.

"You little prick!" She stomped back down the steps. I followed.

She revealed all of her Pokemon to me: a Sawsbuck, a Stoutland, a Cinccino, and a Watchog. The Watchog caught my eye. It was a huge Patrat.

"I didn’t think anyone here would be careless enough to use a Grass-type against me." I said. I released Satan with a swift kick to the pokeball. She decided to begin with Cinccino.

The thought of that damn Watchog filled my heart with the darkest kind of rage. Satan was enjoying my display of anger. Lenora was babbling on about something but I was too busy being delicious to pay attention.

Satan ran the show with Leaf Storm after Leaf Storm. We left the whole room in complete destruction. I left with one more badge than I had entered with and the world had one less Watchog to terrorize it.

I decided to skip the follow up visit to the Pokemon Center and went straight out of the city to the Pinwheel Forest.

"Finally, a chance to see some grass-types."

Roster Summary: 

Satan (Servine) lv32 - Quiet Nature

Shaggy (Gabite) lv30 - Quirky Nature

Gus (Marshtomp) lv 25 - Relaxed Nature

Egg (?)

R. Kelly Style

Route 3 was rather winding. There was a preschool along the route. The day care couple let the little one’s play with the new baby Pokemon.

"Hey! Young man! You look a strong trainer. Would you mind taking this egg?" I walked to the old man with some reservation. I figured there would be a catch. He handed me a silver egg with some red lines along the sides. It was rather heavy.

"Ok, I’ll take this. But if anything crazy happens, you’ll feel my full wrath." I slid the egg into my backpack and continued my onward journey to Nacrene City. My team was growing powerful very quickly. Shaggy’s coordination was battle ready. Personality-wise, he seemed to have matured as well. I shifted his training to mastering the powerful dragon attacks Outrage and Draco Meteor.

Satan’s training went a completely new direction since his ability thrives on negative effects. Basic attack practice left the whole area in disarray. It was clear that Satan would become the primary attacker of my team. His damage output was off the charts. 

Gus stayed consistent. Along with his attack practice, he spent a lot of his time swimming and jogging to keep his endurance high. Through a random encounter with some Pidove, I found that Gus could use the Stealth Rock technique. This prompted me to get him used to the idea of leading my team’s charge into battle.

"Okay boys, the next gym leader likes Normal-types. Satan, you’ve got this one in the bag." Satan nodded.

"Okay, Shaggy and Gus. You guys will spar. Satan and I will referee. If it gets too heated, Satan and I will jump in with great love and justice." Satan scoffed and jumped with haste onto a tree branch. I smiled and commanded the spar to begin.

We finally reached the gates of Nacrene as the stars glinted in the sky. The air was cool and still. Without the trees moving, there was a pleasant silence. The boys were all sleep in their pokeballs when I finally reached the Pokemon Center. I left them with the nurse and walked to the market.

"My, you are up late! What’s the occasion?" The clerk had an accent that didn’t fit the area.

"I am just buying supplies. I am going to face the leader tomorrow after I finish up some last minute training exercises."

"Ah! You know, Lenora likes those Normal-types a whole lot. I reckon with some fighting style attacks, you’d win for sure!"

"Thanks for the advice but I don’t have any fighting-type Pokemon at the moment. I think my Servine should be tough enough to handle it, though."

"Well, shoot, if you keep spending money like this, there is no way you could be a push over trainer!" I paid the man and walked back to the lobby of the hospital. I sat by a window and listening to the faint music playing over a very worn down intercom system. I watched moon-lit clouds slowly crawl the length of the sky. I started to doze off when a nurse’s shriek jarred me from my seat.

I burst through the employee only door and found Gus in the hallway peeing on what he thought was a bed pan. It was actually a container that held specially medicated moist towels. I snatched Gus into the air and hung my head in embarrassment while taking him with me into the lobby.

"Just hold it until you are outside, bud." Gus smiled and yawned. The both of us quickly fell asleep. Gus was my pillow and the egg was in my arms. I hoped the warmth would speed up the hatching process.

Roster Summary

Satan (Servine) lv 30 - Quiet Nature

Shaggy (Gabite) lv 29 - Quirky Nature

Gus (Marshtomp) lv 23 - Relaxed Nature

Egg (?)

It is time…

Making it to Striaton City was enough of a challenge so I wasn’t particularly interested in seeking out the well disguised league gym. A local directed me to some vintage restaurant and I finally caught the tiny advertisements for league challenges. 

I walked through the doors and was kindly greeted by the hostess. She told me to sign the challenge book, fill out the survey, then enjoy a meal while I wait on my time to battle. I followed her instructions and tore into the provided breadsticks. All the youngsters I faced left me tight in the pockets after I bought my share of pokeballs and medical supplies.

"Mister Josh? We are ready for your challenge." A young man said. These workers looked super official in their uniforms. I was feeling pretty under-dressed in my hiking jeans and t-shirt. It all changed when I saw the battle field. It was a standard mountainous-type terrain. I expected either fighting or fire-types from the leader.

A man with spiky red hair in the style of flames stood across from me in the same butler-style dress as the man who led me in.

"I am Chili. We’ll use two Pokemon a piece! From what it sounds like, you chose to begin your journey with Snivy, so your introduction to the Unova Leage will be a Fire-type Gym! Let’s begin!" He tossed his pokeball and out popped a Herdier. The fact that it was a Normal-type had me a little confused but I went along with it.

Before our, challenge, I spent some time bringing Gus up to speed with the rest of the party. Now, this was his time to finally prove his worth. I kicked his pokemon and his took to the field.

"A Marshtomp!? Those aren’t native to here! You must have had a pretty lucky break obtaining that guy! Herdier! Take down!"

"Hey Gus, keep that guy guessing, keep on the dodging." Gus deftly slid his way around the dog Pokemon’s charging with cartwheels and rolls. Herdier’s panting increased and his charging slowed down significantly. Gus showed signs of fatigue as well. 

"That is a really fast moving Pokemon, but both our Pokemon are tired now. It’s going to come down to one last attack! Take Down, Herdier!" 

"One attack choice will indeed decide this round. Get some sleep, Gus!" Gus calmly curled up and fell promptly to sleep, rapidly refreshing himself. Herdier, with all of its remaining strength, slammed in Gus at full force but the Marshstomp remained unmoved by the impact. Herdier’s limbs were shaking and the dog seemed dazed from the failed attack.

"Gus has unnaturally high stamina. I taught him to waste all his energy on high speed dodging. Once I get the opponent nice and tired, I put the little guy to sleep. His bulk keeps him safe until he is good to wake up."

"Well, he’ll have to wake up before he can attack. Herdier will have recovered a bit, in that time."

"Who said I needed to wait to attack? Some Pokemon have habits worse than farting in their sleep, mate. Gus, get to the sleep talking." Gus started babbling around and rolled to a zombie-like upright stance. All at once, he fired a powerful stream of water into the Herdier, knocking it out.

"Whoa! I heard you were a Frontier Head but I didn’t think you’d be this tough." Chili threw his last Pokemon to the field. His Simisear looked very well trained. This was it. While Gus was busy resting up, I let Satan take the stage.

"A grass-type against a fire-type? Looks like this round will go to me!" Chili’s Simisear started by throwing a barrage of Fury Swipes. Satan quietly moved like silk, dodging each blow with a mocking arrogance. 

"Simisear! Fire Blast!"

"Satan, Leaf Storm!"

Simisear’s huge wall of flame got caught up in the spiraling whirlwind of leaves generated from Satan’s tail. The tornado enveloped Simisear and trapped in a vortex of constant damage. After the wind dispersed, Simisear stood shaking from fatigue.

"That is a tough little guy. It is surprising how few fire Pokemon can take a hit like that."

"Thanks, but you’ve ensured my victory. After using a move like that, Servine’s power is weakened for a long time!" Simisear got itselfed worked back up and took back to the fight with another onslaught of fury swipes. Satan dodged with even more ease than the time before.

"Get it with Slam!" Satan dodged one last time and maneuvered into a front-flip, furiously swinging his tail.


"Crap!" Satan miraculously cancelled the attack and fired another Leaf Storm. The size of this particular attack was even greater than the time before. Everything in the room was getting sucked into the attack. Simisear tried to take the attack but it’s flame were extinguished from the violent storm. The monkey was swept into a wall and leaves had a good grind against him.

"No way!"

"This is…amazing." Satan gingerly walked its way back to my side of the field and turned to face any new challenges from Chili. It was the first time I noticed a sinister twinkle in his eyes. Satan had a dark aura around him that help me put all the pieces together.

"How could that have been possible!?"

"Satan’s a special breed. Rather than the Overgrow ability, this Servine has an ability called Contrary. Whenever something would be done to him that would lower his abilities, they are instead risen. The opposite is true, also. That first Leaf Storm greatly increased my snake’s power rather than weakening it.

Chili sulked and tossed my Trio Badge. It was still later afternoon when I left. I took a trip to the Dreamyard to work with my crew in preparation for my next gym challenge, Lenora the Normal-type specialist.

Roster summary:

Satan (Servine) lv26 - Quiet Nature

Shaggy (Gabite) lv26 - Quirky Nature

Gus (Marshtomp) lv18  - Relaxed Nature


**Unknown to Josh or his Pokemon, a shipment of around 100 Mudkip from the Hoenn region were on their way to a festival in Nimbasa City for the lulz. Their documented reasoning for the shipment at the time was that they “leiked mudkipz.” After some random near-death event involving a green haired kid and a high speed dragon thing, the shipment of Mudkips was lost into the Unova wilderness**

After finally reaching the town of Nuvema, I decided to see what the local professor was into researching. As I walked in, I was greeted by some woman who happened to BE the legitimate professor. I wondered how she could do research outside of the kitchen but upon further inspection, her lab and kitchen are connected by a hallway.

I left quickly because she started talking about love and touching or something. It was northward to Accumula Town. I took the scenic route to give Satan some time to grow stronger.

"Listen, Sats, I have to get this Gabite less goofy footed. You go out and just slay stuff. If it gets hairy, fire a Leaf Storm and we’ll swoop in and rescue you with great justice and love." Satan smirked and vanished into the bushes.

After around 8 hours of hiking, the gates of Accumula were in sight. The sky was beginning to change from clear blue to some orange and purple hues.

"Okay, Shaggy, use another Swords Dance." I was sitting on a tree branch watching my Gabite clumsily move about with a spin. He tripped over his own foot and stumbled. 

"NOW EARTHQUAKE!" Shaggy slammed his foot down, both regaining his balance and wrecking the terrain. Satan shot out from a bush as it became surrounded by fissures.

"Well damn! You look a lot different there buddy! What are you holding?" Satan chucked a knocked out Mudkip to the ground beneath my branch. I dropped from the limb and poked at it. It yawned and woke up, looking completely refreshed.

"Why would you bring me this?" Satan looked annoyed with it.

"Ah. So this guy gave you a hell of a battle, eh? Looks like we’ll have a new teammate then." The little mudkip burped and nuzzled my hand.

"This kid looks like a Gus. We begin training immediately."

Roster Summary:

Satan (Servine) lv18 - Quiet nature

Shaggy (Gabite) lv25 - Quirky nature

Gus (Mudkip) lv5 - Relaxed nature

I woke one morning..

It was a pretty chill autumn day and the leaves did a cute little dance through the air before adding to the orange and red blanket that gently covered the moist ground.

After a good yawn, I darted to my window and abruptly slid it open. With a resounding roar, I yelled,”TIME FOR UNOVA!”

After a thorough showering experience and some “quality” time grooming, I kicked the front door nearly off the frame and skipped along the beaten path to my barn acres. A few of my veteran teammates were already awake and corralling the younger trainees. One of the trainees, a young Snivy, sprinted to my side.

"Sup, Satan? Time to head to the motherland." The Snivy had a malicious aura and normally just kept quiet all day. It was a nice break from Shaggy, my adolescent Gabite. Being the first born of my veteran Garchomp, Scooby II, and my hilariously skanky Ditto, Stemz, he was a natural fighter. Unfortunately, he evolved faster than his mind could keep pace with so he had a struggle with getting used to his new size and power. 

Satan was a strange little guy, though. You never knew where you stood with him, emotionally. He had natural leadership qualities but his lineage was a mystery. I obtained him from some spooky battle a month prior. He parents must have been something else because knew how to Leaf Storm and Hidden Power, with ease, from birth.

"Listen up, you two are coming with me on this glorious adventure through Unova. We will conquer the gyms within a month. No exceptions.” Shaggy flexed and Satan glared. 

"Damn right. Let’s ride." With those as my last words, I contained my two "starters" to their Pokeballs and left for my boat ride to slay the Unova region like a meaty pile of buffalo wings made crispy with a light Caribbean jerk glaze. 

Roster Summary: 

Satan (Snivy) lv. 3 - Quiet, Male

Shaggy (Gabite) lv. 25 - Quirky, Male