Time to shine!

The bros and I decided to take a bit of a break from training and rest up until the night time hit. I always have more fun traversing the forests at night. There’s always a cooling breeze and a real ominous vibe that creeps around the trees. Also, the stronger critters come around at night, I find. 

I would guess that I had only shut my eyes for around an hour when I got the penetrating feeling of being stared down. I slowly reached around for a rock while keeping the illusion that I was completely oblivious to my observer. I heard the pitter-patter of foot-steps and feral breathing come within range. I wrapped my fingers around a fallen twig, and with one motion, rolling into a vicious swat, smacking the critter.

It was a Pansear. The little fire monkey leapt back and scoffed. 

"Ah, a fighter I see." The little monkey cupped its hand around its ear as if it couldn’t hear me. 

"Bleh, I’m not waking up the guys for this. LET’S ROCK!" I charged the little guy with my twig posing as my katana. The Pansear was quite the acrobat, ably dodging several of my quickest strikes. I switched my stance and tossed my twig to my right hand, readying my defense. The Pansear came in heavy with Fury Swipes. I deflected the flurry but noticed something off. This Pansear was blue now.

"The old substitution trick, eh?" The little Panpour was pushing me back with its assualt. Unfortunately, I was barefoot and felt the grass acting strange beneath my feet. I changed my stance and dug my heel into the Grass Knot aimed to trip me up. I caught the blue monkey with a swift downward strike to the face between it’s rhythmic scratches.

"Mr. Green has to be around here somewhere." I used my ears to focus on the surroundings while my eyes stayed on the recovered Panpour. The sun’s light bathed our verdant battlefield with amber and sepia tones.

I came to realize that moving for an offensive follow up would be a bad idea. The grass-type of the trio would keep using Grass Knot to create an opening for the physically talented Panpour. Before I had the chance to scheme some trickery, I felt the air temperature increase on my right side. I instinctively ducked down and let the fireball crackle over head.

"Blue is physical, Red is Special, and Green is Control." I said to myself. I took this time to charge Panpour with a leap to avoid the moving grass. I threw the stick at it while at the apex of my jump. The Panpour jumped out of the way but was now on the defensive against my rapid fire kicking. It wasn’t as fast as its red teammate and took a few hits before tagging out. Mr. Red went back to dodging at its leisure. I pushed it back only a few feet, keeping my strikes high until it got tangled in the Grass Knot. It’s face was priceless. I kicked a pokeball into it’s face and caught its vengeful blue partner with a flying side kick as it lept from the bushes. It also received a pokeball to the face.

The forest was quiet. I knew I had heard a third party member. A breeze rustled the leaves.

"Damn, it’s using the wind to mask it’s movement." I scooped up the two pokeballs and remained focused. A stronger burst of wind hit the forest and kicked up some of the fallen leaves. Thank the sun, the monkey failed to realize its shadow. I jumped over it’s sliding sweep kick and landed on my hands. I rotated fluidly and drove my heel into its face. It didn’t even have a chance to hit the ground before I continued my motion into a standing position and kicked a pokeball.

"Sweet beans! All three of them!" I cracked open my PokeDex and beamed them back to my home base. I walked back over to my bros who were awake and cheering me on, except Satan, of course. Gus was holding my egg for me.

"Well, I guess you guys got to see how I battle." The sky was a dark purple and the chilling night winds starting to snake around the trunks of the trees. The last few traces of light were fading and we made our way through the wood.

Roster Summary:

Satan (Servine) lv32 - Quiet Natured

Shaggy (Gabite) lv 30 - Quirky Natured

Gus (Marshtomp) lv 25 - Relaxed Natured

Egg (?)

It is time…

Making it to Striaton City was enough of a challenge so I wasn’t particularly interested in seeking out the well disguised league gym. A local directed me to some vintage restaurant and I finally caught the tiny advertisements for league challenges. 

I walked through the doors and was kindly greeted by the hostess. She told me to sign the challenge book, fill out the survey, then enjoy a meal while I wait on my time to battle. I followed her instructions and tore into the provided breadsticks. All the youngsters I faced left me tight in the pockets after I bought my share of pokeballs and medical supplies.

"Mister Josh? We are ready for your challenge." A young man said. These workers looked super official in their uniforms. I was feeling pretty under-dressed in my hiking jeans and t-shirt. It all changed when I saw the battle field. It was a standard mountainous-type terrain. I expected either fighting or fire-types from the leader.

A man with spiky red hair in the style of flames stood across from me in the same butler-style dress as the man who led me in.

"I am Chili. We’ll use two Pokemon a piece! From what it sounds like, you chose to begin your journey with Snivy, so your introduction to the Unova Leage will be a Fire-type Gym! Let’s begin!" He tossed his pokeball and out popped a Herdier. The fact that it was a Normal-type had me a little confused but I went along with it.

Before our, challenge, I spent some time bringing Gus up to speed with the rest of the party. Now, this was his time to finally prove his worth. I kicked his pokemon and his took to the field.

"A Marshtomp!? Those aren’t native to here! You must have had a pretty lucky break obtaining that guy! Herdier! Take down!"

"Hey Gus, keep that guy guessing, keep on the dodging." Gus deftly slid his way around the dog Pokemon’s charging with cartwheels and rolls. Herdier’s panting increased and his charging slowed down significantly. Gus showed signs of fatigue as well. 

"That is a really fast moving Pokemon, but both our Pokemon are tired now. It’s going to come down to one last attack! Take Down, Herdier!" 

"One attack choice will indeed decide this round. Get some sleep, Gus!" Gus calmly curled up and fell promptly to sleep, rapidly refreshing himself. Herdier, with all of its remaining strength, slammed in Gus at full force but the Marshstomp remained unmoved by the impact. Herdier’s limbs were shaking and the dog seemed dazed from the failed attack.

"Gus has unnaturally high stamina. I taught him to waste all his energy on high speed dodging. Once I get the opponent nice and tired, I put the little guy to sleep. His bulk keeps him safe until he is good to wake up."

"Well, he’ll have to wake up before he can attack. Herdier will have recovered a bit, in that time."

"Who said I needed to wait to attack? Some Pokemon have habits worse than farting in their sleep, mate. Gus, get to the sleep talking." Gus started babbling around and rolled to a zombie-like upright stance. All at once, he fired a powerful stream of water into the Herdier, knocking it out.

"Whoa! I heard you were a Frontier Head but I didn’t think you’d be this tough." Chili threw his last Pokemon to the field. His Simisear looked very well trained. This was it. While Gus was busy resting up, I let Satan take the stage.

"A grass-type against a fire-type? Looks like this round will go to me!" Chili’s Simisear started by throwing a barrage of Fury Swipes. Satan quietly moved like silk, dodging each blow with a mocking arrogance. 

"Simisear! Fire Blast!"

"Satan, Leaf Storm!"

Simisear’s huge wall of flame got caught up in the spiraling whirlwind of leaves generated from Satan’s tail. The tornado enveloped Simisear and trapped in a vortex of constant damage. After the wind dispersed, Simisear stood shaking from fatigue.

"That is a tough little guy. It is surprising how few fire Pokemon can take a hit like that."

"Thanks, but you’ve ensured my victory. After using a move like that, Servine’s power is weakened for a long time!" Simisear got itselfed worked back up and took back to the fight with another onslaught of fury swipes. Satan dodged with even more ease than the time before.

"Get it with Slam!" Satan dodged one last time and maneuvered into a front-flip, furiously swinging his tail.


"Crap!" Satan miraculously cancelled the attack and fired another Leaf Storm. The size of this particular attack was even greater than the time before. Everything in the room was getting sucked into the attack. Simisear tried to take the attack but it’s flame were extinguished from the violent storm. The monkey was swept into a wall and leaves had a good grind against him.

"No way!"

"This is…amazing." Satan gingerly walked its way back to my side of the field and turned to face any new challenges from Chili. It was the first time I noticed a sinister twinkle in his eyes. Satan had a dark aura around him that help me put all the pieces together.

"How could that have been possible!?"

"Satan’s a special breed. Rather than the Overgrow ability, this Servine has an ability called Contrary. Whenever something would be done to him that would lower his abilities, they are instead risen. The opposite is true, also. That first Leaf Storm greatly increased my snake’s power rather than weakening it.

Chili sulked and tossed my Trio Badge. It was still later afternoon when I left. I took a trip to the Dreamyard to work with my crew in preparation for my next gym challenge, Lenora the Normal-type specialist.

Roster summary:

Satan (Servine) lv26 - Quiet Nature

Shaggy (Gabite) lv26 - Quirky Nature

Gus (Marshtomp) lv18  - Relaxed Nature