Who’s that Cameo?!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Rather than make a straight path to the cave, someone thought it would be cute to make a serpentine road with bridges over a river…a straight river.

Anyway, I cross the river to find some hella dark cave. Awesomely enough, the little dragons with blades on their face were running around so I went on a catching frenzy.

Also, without filling this entry with nonsensical details, I totally impressed my Pokemon with my ability to function in pitch darkness.

I left the cave feeling pretty good, and there I see young Austin, a friend of mine, finishing up a battle with a trainer. He just barely lost the match. It was a sad to see.

“Oy Oy! Baustin!”

“Hey man!”

“I saw that match. You were so close?”

“Really? I thought I got stomped.”

“Naw, you had him on the ropes. Want me to give you some pointers? I got some new Pokemon to check out, anyway.”

“Sure. Let’s do this.”

I completely rearranged my team for this. My Pokemon are a bit too aggressive for training so I opted for my “fluffy” Pokemon.

“Okay, mate. My Chimecho, Goethe, will heal your bros after each match. We are going to 3v3.”


“DO IT!” I kicked out my Pokeball and my Weezing, Sober, sparkled out onto the battle field. At the same time, a Duosion jiggled infront of me.

“Goetha, Heal Pulse.” My chime Pokemon fire a massive beam into the Duosion, recovering it’s strength in mere seconds.

“Okay, LEZ GUU!” Duosion and Sober hovered around each other waiting for orders.

“Duosion, Psywave!”

“Sober, Smokescreen!” The area erupted in an explosion of thick, hot smoke. I could hear Austin coughing.

“Listen, you have to play the eyes and ears of your Pokemon in this kind of situation. I can hear where you and your Pokemon are…so I’ll win this if you don’t make something happen! Sober, use Double Hit!”

“Crap crap crap…”

“Think about it!”

“OH YEAH! WAIT FOR IT TO HIT YOU THEN HIDDEN POWER!” I heard another slap of Sober’s body against Duosion’s jelly, then the smoke warped into a spiral of wind that shot outward, knocking Sober back towards me.

“Good, good. Will-o-wisp, Sober!”

“Psyshock!” The Duosion charged Sober and took the full onslaught of ghostly pyre. It’s eyes were a glow and it released a stong burst of psionic force into my Weezing at close range.

“Good job!”

“I remember that my Duosion is immune to any damage except direct attacks.”

“Very true. I was hoping you’d realize that. Okay, ready for round two?”

“Yip yip!”

“Here comes Sexon Fyre!” My Jolteon hopped about waiting for its opponent.

“Okay, here we go!” Austin’s Pawniard came to the field.

“You think you can keep up? Agility.” Sexon danced circles around the Pawniard.

“Why not add to your frustration, Double Team.” Pawniard was surrounded by my Jolteon and its clones.

“I got this, though. Hold tough, Pawniard.”

“You think so? Double Ki-”

“Sucker Punch!”  Pawniard appeared before the Jolteon and threw a powerful punch with its bladed hand.

“Whatever.” Sexon dodged the strike and landed a solid Double Kick into Pawniard’s face.

“Speed is king. Sexon Fyre is faster that you anticipated. Speed mod attacks won’t work as well. He’s got the speed to dance around that thing and the capabilities to move even faster. How are you going to handle this?”


“Thunderbolt!” Jolteon stopped moving and fired a huge burst of electricity. Pawniard deftly dodged it.


“Try again, Fyre!”

“Charge it!” Pawniard ducked under the blast and went into a violent spin slamming into Jolteon with a powerful Night Slash. Jolteon fell back.

“Every Pokemon has a flaw in its strategy.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sexon Fyre’s speed means nothing when it comes to launching special attacks.”

“I am starting to understand how to assess my opponents. I get it now. I have to take in all the factors.”

“Good, final round. Ready?”

“Do it.”

“Balls first entry, Derelict!” A Raticate popped from his Pokeball and skittered around.

“Okay! Here it comes! Samurott!”

“No coaching this round. I’m coming at you with full force. Derelict should Super Fang that ho!” Derelict nearly teleported to Samurott with its mouth gaping wide for attack.

“Slash!” Samurott caught the rat attack with its shell sword. The blade sounded like it was taking a lot of stress.

“Thunderbolt!” Derelict erupted in electrical energy that damaged the samurai otter. The blade started to crack.

“Fling it, bro!” Samurott swung the sword toward to ground to drive the rodent off.

“Reversal.” My Raticated caught the ground with its feet used the momentum of the samurai’s swing to launch the Pokemon into the air.


“End this, Double Edge!” Raticate exploded off the ground and rammed the Samurott in the gut with violent force, knocking it out in the air.

“Aw rats!”

“That’s how the pros do it, Baustin. You’ll beat me one day. I can taste it.” Austin recalled his Pokemon before it hit the ground. Goethe blasted Austin and his Pokeballs with a barrage of Heal Pulses.

“Well, I will work on being more observant and I’ve got to learn more about move pools.”

“It all comes with experience.”

“Yeah. We’ll I am going to go beat this cave. I heard there are axe face dragons in there.”

“Tis true, I  got like 20 of them.”

“Sweet beans!”

The little scamp waved as he ventured into the dark of the cave.

I walked a little further and found..a cave.

I was confused at first but I noticed a light source within so I figured it must be unrelated. I used my Pokedex to reassemble my Unova team and ventured into the cave with all my Pokemon out and ready for battle.

Roster Summary:

Satan (Serperior) – lv 53 Quiet Natured

Shaggy (Gabite) – lv 45 Quirky Natured

Gus (Swampert) – lv 44 Relaxed Natured

Scraps (Skarmory) – lv 44Impish Natured

Saggecko (Scraggy) – lv 38 Bold Natured

Troll (Zoroak) – lv 48 Naughty Natured